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Shahryar Rumi is a Persian pop artist. He was born on February 12, 1976 in Tehran, Iran and grew up in Europe (Sweden). He started playing the piano from the age of 11.

Shahryar’s interest and love for the arts does not stop with music. His interest in architectural monuments resulted in his degree in architectural design and business from a highly respected university in Miami, Florida. Throughout this era, Shahryar never took his eyes off his inner passion, music.

While moving to Southern California and working in his professional field, architectural designs, by 2002 Shahryar had signed a contract with one of the most respected songwriters and producers of Persian pop music Hassan Shamaizadeh.

First Album

In 2004, Shahryar’s debut album, Aghaze Shirin (The Sweet Beginning) was finally released. Shahryar found his place in Persian music industry shortly after his first album by his classy music and silky yet; strong voice. He started working on his second album immediately.

Second Album

In 2005, Shahryar released his second album by the name of Parseh (Wonder); once again with the collaboration of the best lyricists, songwriters and arrangers.

Third Album

In 2006, Shahryar released his third album by the name of Naji (Savior).

Fourth Album

In 2008, Shahryar’s fourth album Sarab (Mirage) was released.

Fifth Album

In 2011, Shahryar’s fifth album Mojezeh (Miracle) was released. It is a breakthrough album in Persian pop music industry since the 1979 Iranian revolution.

Shahryar is currently working on his next three albums, All the poems have been selected and the melodies have been composed. 

Sixth Album (Latest Album)

In 2013, Shahryar’s sixth album Dolate Eshgh (The State of Love) was released.

The calling of paradise which is music itself started the journey into the melodies. The voyage with a Sweet beginning which compelled me to Roam the gardens of resonance and harmony, flowing into the minds of memories became the Saviour of all the uncertainties, until finally, I passed the Mirage and reached the Miracle of The State of Love.

My dear companions and fellow travelers,

The State of Love album is a drop of an ocean of debt and gratitude to the literature and rhymesters of my beloved country.

به فراخوان زمزه هايى از بهشت يعنى همان موسيقى، راهى سرزمين نغمه ها شدم. آغاز شيرين اين سفر مرا به پرسه زدن در كوچه باغ آوا و نوا واداشت و جارى شدن در ذهن خاطره ها ناجى ترديد هايم شد تا سر انجام از سراب گذشتم و به معجزه دولت عشق رسيدم

همراهان و همسفران

آلبوم دولت عشق ذره كوچكى است از دِين بزرگى كه به ادبيات و اديبان بزرگ سرزمينم دارم 

Upcoming Albums

The album (Alley) is a passage through the familiar names and exalting memories, a collections of told and untold tales, souvenirs of the exotic and precious contemporary poets of my land.

The album (Mahtabe Man) or My Moonlight is the compassionate influence and the confluence of tender feelings and thoughts through poets who with their spiritual insights gave me new inspiration. 

آلبوم کوچه، گذر گاه نامهای آشنا و یاد آور خاطرههای شور انگیز ، مجموعه ایست از قصّههای گفته و نا گفته ، یادگاری از شعرای غریب و نازنین معاصر این سرزمین وآلبوم ماه من، تراوشی است از احساسات لطیف و افکار تاثیر گذار مهربانا نی که با آثار خود به ترانههای من الهامی جدید بخشیدند